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Health and Family Life Education (HFLE)

Caribbean Health and Family Life Education Regional Curriculum Framework
HFLE Teacher Training Manual
Strengthening Health and Family Life Education in the Region: The Implementation, Monitoring, and Evaluation of HFLE in Four CARICOM Countries

Self and Interpersonal Relationships
Sexuality and Sexual Health


Basic Facts About HIV and AIDS

HIV and AIDS and the Caribbean
HIV and AIDS in Belize

HIV and AIDS in Trinidad and Tobago
HIV and AIDS in St. Lucia
HIV and AIDS in Guyana
The Impact of HIV and AIDS on the Education Sector

Informational Materials:
Adopting an Overarching HIV and AIDS Workplace Policy for the Education Sector
Creating a Healthy Psycho-Social and Physical Educational Environment
Enhancing HIV and AIDS Services, Care, and Support

HIV and AIDS, Education and the Economy
Providing Skills-Based HIV and AIDS Curricula in Schools
The Role of the Education Sector in Responding to HIV and AIDS: A Comphrensive Approach

Publications and Tools:
Ensuring Quality: Ministry of Education and NGOs Responding to the AIDS Pandemic 
Caribbean Regional Strategic Framework on HIV and AIDS 2008-2012
Leading the Way in the Education Sector: Advocating for a Comprehensive Approach to HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean
Step By Step: A Guide to HIV and AIDS Policy Development for the Education Sector

Positive Partnerships: A Toolkit for the Greater Involvement of People Living with or Affected by HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean Education Sector

School Health
Characteristics of Youth Friendly Services
Creating and Environment for Emotional and Social Well-Being: An Important Responsibility of a Health-Promoting and Child Friendly School
Life Skills Theories: Success Factors
School Health Policy Development: Basic First Steps
The Physical School Environment: An Essential Component of a Health-Promoting School
Thematic Studies: School Health and Nutrition

Other Resources:
Annoted Bibliography
Heroes and villains: Teachers in the education response to HIV
Port Of Spain Declaration
Roseau Declaration