EduCan's Accomplishments since 2006

  • Created vision, mission, goal, objectives, principles & philosophy
  • Defined structure and management (First Executive Committee, April 2006)
  • Conducted survey of members accomplishments/needs, to be published, "Challenging HIV&AIDS: new role for Caribbean Education"
  • Elected new Executive Committee, June 2007
  • Defined roles and responsibilities of the Executive Committee
  • Partipcated in Capacity Building workshop, Barbados, June 2007, to use the tools of the CARICOM Capacity Building Project
  • Collaborated with CCNAPC and CRN+ to advance shared goals
  • EduCan members participated in meeting of Networks of Education Sector HIV and AIDS Coordinators from East and West Africa, November 2007
  • EduCan conducted full member meeting and participated in a "Life Skills Capacity Building" training event, March 2008
  • EduCan participated in a Policy Development and Strategic Planning Workshop in St. Kitts, January 2009