Declarations of Support

Ministers of Education in the region have declared their support for EduCan through two declarations. The Port-of-Spain Declaration “endorse[s] the establishment and support[s] development of the Caribbean Network of HIV Coordinators in the education sector as a CARICOM-led regional resource.” The Roseau Declaration of the OECS Ministers “endorse[s] the membership of our Ministries’ HIV & AIDS focal point in the Caribbean Network of Education Sector HIV/AIDS Coordinators.”  

In addition to these two, another declaration came about at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico 2008. There, the First Meeting of Ministers of Health and Education to Stop HIV and STIs in Latin America and the Caribbean produced the declaration, Preventing through Education”. This declaration advocates that health and education must work together to provide young people with comprehensive sexuality education and access to condoms once sexually active.


Port-of-Spain Declaration

Roseau Declaration

Mexico Declaration: Preventing through Education