Executive Committee

Dear Members,  

In the Caribbean, HIV continues to be a threat to our young people, especially girls and women. The highest incidence is among persons in the age range 15-49 years which represents our productivity sector.  If we disregard these statistics, in the near future, the impact of HIV and AIDS on our societies will be debilitating. Issues relating to HIV and AIDS extend beyond the boundaries of the health sector and the role of the education sector can be significantly undermined if we do not address them.

Prevention is a key strategy used to curb the spread of HIV and AIDS in our region. Hence it has become increasingly evident that the education sector has a critical role to play in the national and regional response.  The onus is on us to protect our young people who are a “window of Hope” for reducing transmission. We must therefore strengthen our curriculum to adequately address sexual and reproductive health issues including HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Our programmes need to be multi-faceted and incorporate strategies to address stigma and discrimination, care and support for orphans and vulnerable children and staff and policy to guide our interventions. 

I urge you to use the resources made available through this website to strengthen your national programmes. Use every opportunity to share experiences, ideas and resources.  I hope that through the support of Education Development Center (EDC) as our secretariat and with our many partners including UNESCO and PCD we will be able to make a significant contribution to the Caribbean education sector response to HIV and AIDS and ultimately to the global response. 

I wish to thank everyone for your contribution thus far and reiterate the urgent need for each and everyone one of us to play our part to reduce the spread and mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS.

Sophia Edwards-Gabriel
Former Executive Chair

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