Supporting Organisations

In 2006, in collaboration with the UNESCO Kingston Cluster Office for the Caribbean and the University of the West Indies, Health and Human Development Programs at EDC facilitated development of the EduCan. At that time, the Network established its Executive Committee to lead and plan activities. At the decision of the EduCan Executive Committee, EDC’s Health and Human Development Division was asked and continues to serve as the Secretariat for the Network, working closely with UNESCO and other partners.

Key partnerships have included CARICOM and PANCAP, which provided initial funding to launch EduCan, and the Partnership for Child Development and the World Bank, which have provided funding and support for Network events and workshops. In addition, close working relations with CRN+ and CCNAPC contribute to applying the Principles of GIPA (Greater Involvement of Persons Living with HIV) and collaboration between education and health sectors.  Links to organizations that partner with  EduCan on various activities follow.