About Us

EduCan, the Caribbean Education Sector HIV and AIDS Coordinator Network, is playing a lead role in addressing HIV and AIDS as a critical health issue in the lives of young people and staff. EduCan's vision is to transform the region's Education Sector response to HIV&AIDS.

Health and Human Development Programs at EDC, in collaboration with the UNESCO Kingston Cluster Office for the Caribbean and the University of the West Indies, facilitated the development of EduCan in 2006. EduCan members are the focal point persons in the Ministries of Education in 17 Caribbean countries. They share experiences with each other and participate in professional development activities in their efforts to implement comprehensive approaches to promote health through the education sector. These approaches include:

  • Policy development
  • Curriculum and instruction, such as Health and Family Life Education, including HIV
  • Creation of healthy physical and psycho-social school environments
  • Links to counseling, health and mental health services

Reaching young people and their families through schools is a powerful way to develop critical knowledge and skills about HIV and AIDS before young people are sexually active, as well as related issues of gender equality, violence and substance prevention, and other lifestyle issues of nutrition and fitness.

EduCan Powerpoint


EduCan's Guiding Principles

Recognise HIV & AIDS as a critical issue affecting the education sector;

Recognise the key role of the education sector in the HIV & AIDS response;

Advance Greater Involvement of People living with HIV/AIDS;

Promote culture of non-discrimination and continued advocacy for People Living With HIV/AIDS;

Promote culture of mutual sharing of information and resources;

Commitment and passion for mission and objectives;

Sensitivity to socio-economic and cultural context of member countries